• 7/11/1940 DAUERSTAHL-GESELLSCHAFT Dohle & Co. KG founded by Mr Heinz Dohle in Hanover, Germany. Notice of registration / certified copy from commercial register HR A 15505, dated 15/05/1943. Head offices at Königsstrasse 53 A, Grosse Packhofstrasse 26 and Wiesenstrasse 5-6 – all in Hanover. The company specializes in the distribution of stainless steel, wear-resistant steel sheets, the fabrication and distribution of all excavator and wear parts, running gear, wear-resistant perforated sheets and fabrics, patented crucible cast steel cables, high-performance tools, as well as the production and distribution of similar items.
  • 7/11/1940 Allstahl Komm.Ges. Dr. Hatzig & Co. founded by Mr Heinz Dohle and Dr Karl Hatzig in Hanover, notice of registration from commercial register HR A 14963, dated 27/11/1940. Head offices at Königsstrasse 53 A, Grosse Packhofstrasse 26 and Wiesenstrasse 5-6 – all in Hanover. The company represents Westphalian stainless steel mills.
  • When operations began, the ceramics and heavy-ceramics industry, sand and gravel pits, and the mining industry were supplied with replacement and wear parts produced in-house. The excellent contacts in the steel industry and at steel mills made it possible to considerably expand trading in wear-resistant and extremely high-strength steels to various industries and bulk buyers.
  • 1958 saw the acquisition of the former Bergmann AG transformer substation and electric power station and the relocation of the management and fabrication divisions to the current address at Bremer Strasse 82, 30826 Garbsen. In 1959, the ‘perforated sheets’ production line of the Röslau steel mill and wire plant was taken over and installed in the new plant. This included heavy mechanical perforating presses, leveller rolls and more which later made it possible to successfully start manufacturing perforated steel sheets. In the 80s, a strip perforating press from the SOENEN company with over 150 t of compressive force, which was considered modern at the time, was installed, and the automated manufacture of perforated sheets signalled the start of a new production section and technological progress. In 1988, Mr Heinz Dohle, who was already severely ill, appointed his son Frank Dohle to the management board to head the technical and commercial management of the company.
  • Heinz Dohle passed away in 1991, and Mr Frank Dohle was promoted to general partner in 1993.
  • There were, and continue to be, further investments in underwater cutting technology, as well as in milling, drilling and welding technology. PTA welding machines are currently being used to apply machine coatings of up to 2400 HV. Thanks to its excellent production quality, DAUERSTAHL currently has an outstanding reputation worldwide in all fields in which wear and the associated costs need to be reduced to a minimum.

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