About us

The DAUERSTAHL-GESELLSCHAFT Dohle & Co. KG, was founded (in its current form) in 1930, in Hannover. Its first entry to the trade registry is dated 1934.

In the course of several decades, the company dealt not merely with the classic commercial transactions involving stainless and heavy-duty steel grades, but also with the production of spare and heavy-duty parts for the ceramics and heavy-ceramics industry. While in the beginning, the company’s coverage range was limited to regional niche markets, the program and the product line developed further to appeal to various sectors and industrial customers.

Nowadays, DAUERSTAHL operates branch offices around the world and exports its product line to more than 30 countries worldwide. With our help, the most various of raw materials are obtained, processed, formed and recycled.

Europe’s boundary lines have fallen – and year for year, the world is inching closer and closer together. For us, this means not merely striving for “sales numbers”, but rather – and above all – serving as a knowledgeable, upright partner who abides by more than the values and norms set forth by a common moral code. We seek to create a foundation for building trust – by way of offering top-quality products and services, along with their referral – which enables us to maintain a foresighted set of business policies and serve you in the long run as a skilled partner.